Friday 22 March 2013

Hand made cards

I've got a huge softspot for arts and crafts fairs, and Sheffield has some of the best. One thing I really like are hand made cards, and I'm working on a new website that sells nothing but handmade cards.

It's a new venture I've been involved with, and they plan to sell hand made cards to the USA and the UK.

I usually stock up and buy in bulk from the craft fairs in Sheffield. Birthdays and events always come around when I'm busy, so it's great to be able to reach into a draw and pick up a card (and my large collection of stamps, I brought loads before they went up in price) and quickly post it. When you have a great collection of hand made cards, like I do, then it's even better.

It's nice to be working on a project that involves something I really love. I'm looking forward to getting it all ready and hopefully spearding my love of art and crafty hand made cards to the world!

Over and out.

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