Monday 15 July 2013

Hair removal!

Gawd, I must be becoming more of a girly girl. I pride myself on being a Tom Boy, but I've just had hair removal! Yes me! Hair removal!

I'm off on holiday next week with a few friends, and it's going to be a beach holiday. Not the sort of thing I'd usually consider, but a good crowd from our Sheffield office are going, so I thought I'd go along.

Anyway, I'm not one for regular shaving, and with no man in my life it's not something that I would normally even consider a priority. The problem is, my legs and, ahem, crotch area are (well were) pretty darn hairy. Now I've brought what I consider a pretty tasteful bathing costume for next week, the least skimpy you can get, but still, I've had to face up to facts and do something about my excess hair.

Not being a big fan of pain, I decided to go for laser hair removal. Plus anything with lasers must be good, right? I booked an appointment at this Sheffield clinic, and nervously went along, but it turned out to be quite a nice experience. The hair came off pretty easily and with no pain at all, and I'm actually enjoying having smooth legs. What's wrong with me!

Anyway, I'm really looking forward to my holiday next week. I've got my 'Game of Thrones' books to read, good friends and smooth legs. I'm going to be out of my comfort zone on a beach, but what the hey! Good friends make everything nice.

I've just looked at my blog, and including this my last to posts are about hair removal and hair cuts. What's happening to me?

Saturday 18 May 2013

Going to the hairdressers

Shall I change my hair style? It’s been a while since I’ve had my haircut, so it’s got much longer that it usually is. This gives me a nice new hair style opportunity and a blank canvas for my weekend visit to my favourite hairdresser, the Hair Salon Sheffield in Hillsborough.

It’s a tricky one changing hair style. I feel quite comfortable with my hair, but I always find that a change can have unexpected benefits, like when I finally gave the new Battlestar Galactica a go and found out it was actually better than the original after all.

I’ve had my shortish hair for years, but what else could I try? I’m not a big risk taker with hair and I’m not going crazy, and the horrible new retro Perms I’ve seen in the hipper parts of Sheffield make my physically sick.

I’ve been trying to take inspiration from the hairstyles of some of my favourite Sci Fi characters. A Princess Lea, Episode 1 hair style? My head is too big. Deana from The Next Generation? I’d have to have my hair made curly and I’m not keen on that kind of artificial treatment. Maybe even a blonde action hairstyle, ‘a la’ Starbuck (the 2000 girl hair not the 70s boy hair)? Imagine me blonde? I can’t see that somehow.

Anyway, I’ve got a sneaking feeling I’ll lose my nerve at the hairdressers on Saturday, and go for the usual haircut. I hope not, I hope I can be brave like when I first gave the remake of my favourite 70s Sci Fi show, Battlestar Galactica, a go. I guess only time will tell what my hair looks like on Monday when I’m back in my little office in deepest, geekland of Sheffield.

Friday 22 March 2013

Hand made cards

I've got a huge softspot for arts and crafts fairs, and Sheffield has some of the best. One thing I really like are hand made cards, and I'm working on a new website that sells nothing but handmade cards.

It's a new venture I've been involved with, and they plan to sell hand made cards to the USA and the UK.

I usually stock up and buy in bulk from the craft fairs in Sheffield. Birthdays and events always come around when I'm busy, so it's great to be able to reach into a draw and pick up a card (and my large collection of stamps, I brought loads before they went up in price) and quickly post it. When you have a great collection of hand made cards, like I do, then it's even better.

It's nice to be working on a project that involves something I really love. I'm looking forward to getting it all ready and hopefully spearding my love of art and crafty hand made cards to the world!

Over and out.