Monday 10 December 2012

My weekend in a Holiday Cottage in Lancashire

I've just got back from a great weekend in rural Lancashire. Me and my old Lancaster Uni mates rented a Holiday Cottage in Lancashire, in the middle of nowhere, between the villages of Pilling and the amusingly named Cockerham.

It was great to meet up with everyone again. Lots seems to have happened and this might be the last time we can do this type of holiday for a while, as two of my buddies, Sarah and Mary and are pregnant.

It's going to be weird when friends my own age are starting to have babies. I don't even have a boyfriend, and I'm a million miles away from wanting children psychologically. The problem is, if we have this type of holiday again, they either can't make it, or they will have screaming babies, which will inevitable ruin the late nights and peace!

My highlights were a walk in the Forest of Bowland, which was absolutely beautiful on a cold Lancashire day. We also stopped off in Clitheroe for a great pub lunch and went shopping Preston. We stayed in a great self -catering and pretty cheap holiday cottage which was really nice..

I'd recommend a short break in Lancashire to anyone. Great countryside and friendly people. Pity this might be the last time we can all do this!