Thursday 13 February 2014

Working for an Absolute Return Manager

I managed to get some programming work from this relatively new Absolute Return Manager, they are London based and manage two absolute return strategies; discretionary and systematic. I have been looking into their investment philosophies, looks pretty interesting really and I reckon their products are a good fit in a portfolio for those looking for downside protection. The discretionary product has a low correltation to equity and fixed income asset classes providing an uncorrelated reutrn to traditional assets, whilst focusing on absolute return. The systematic fund differentiates itself to other trend following strategies plus offers a high degree of liquidity. The firm has an experience team with long tenure both together as a team and with the systems they use. Let's hope I end up with a long tenure here, and get to visit London more often!

Finally get some action in the financial industry and in the big smoke. It looks like I will primarily be helping them with their CTA fund. This systematic trend following strategy uses a statistical framework using filtering technology to determine trends and trend convictions across fixed income, foreign exchange, commodities and equity markets.

It's pretty complex stuff, so I had better be on best behaviour for a while. This aboslute manager targets volatility for each asset class rather than at the overall fund level tending to lower volatility where correlations between asset classes have been week. The statistic framework then allows for the translation of ideas from other disciplines which have extensively researched filtering and tracking problems (i.e. robotics), yes I know I am a boffin.

One of the most appealing things for me is that the team uses sophisticated technology which has been developed by the team for their exclusive use. Can you image our conversations down the pub..
Result - wish me luck.