Friday 12 October 2012

He went to London for Rhinoplasty, or a nose reshaping!

I knew he looked different. I wasn't sure why, but now he's admitted it. He's come back to work after a long break not with a tan, but with a new nose.

Now he's a good friend and also the Graphic Designer where I work, and so I'm glad he's back for both reasons. But he didn't tell me why he was taking such a long break, just said something about going to London. It turns out he's been planning a nose job all along.

His nose is/was a bit on the larger size, but I never realised it annoyed him. The thing is, his new nose isn't actually that different, it's only slightly smaller. It must be a pretty conservative operation. He says he feels much better now though, so I guess he must have been insecure, and so it's helped his esteem. I know what it's like to have low self-esteem, so I can't be critical.

I wanted to asked him how much does a nose job cost, but I thought I'd spare his blushes and look online. I found the clinic he went to in Highgate, north London. He must have saved up his bonus for a while. I guess he won't be buying that new iPhone now.

Apart from that, not much new to report. I went down to London the other week to a gig in Soho, which is probably the best thing I've done recently. I'll try and be a bit better with this blog. I'm sure a nose job, or Rhinoplasty, shouldn't be the first reason I've had to make a blog post in such a long time.

Bye bye!

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